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Residential Locksmith Services

When you move to a new place normally one of your first concerns will be to make sure that you get the keys from the previous owner. Unfortunately a move is serious business. There’s a lot to be done and it has to be done fairly quickly. However once you have moved in you should call a residential locksmith in Phoenix to change all the locks for you.

Believe it or not it happens regularly when homes are broken into that the culprit turns out to be someone who knew the previous owner who gave them a key for some reason. If you are not certain how many keys to your outside doors of floating around out there you can never really be safe.

Good locksmiths very often keep meticulous records of the keys that they cut people. Ask the owner of the house who the locksmith is that he used and try and find out how many keys to the house exist. It may be to your benefit to use the same locksmith for your needs as well.

Another thing you can do is to immediately add a deadbolt to the locks of your new house. Use it as a temporary measure and when things have settled down and your life is back to normal get your locksmith to make sure your security is as it should be with new locks and keys.

Side doors and back doors are particularly important. They are often used to gain entrance to the house. If there is a door leading from your garage into the house it is always a good idea to get into the habit of keeping it locked when you go out. Also close and lock the garage door before your car leaves the property.

If you move in to a rental apartment for instance and you want to change your locks discuss the issue with the agent, building manager or property owner. In apartment buildings it is often crucial that there is someone with a key to your property in case of an emergency. This is usually done through a practice called re-keying where the lock is adjusted to work with two different keys. One will be the master key that the building manager usually keeps in his possession.

A residential locksmith in Phoenix is there to serve your needs. When you have moved house make sure that you have one of these professionals taking a look at your new property to advise you about the quality of the locks used as well as other security aspects of your new property.

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